„We used to be cool as well“ is the beginning of an exciting journey. In old photo albums I discovered pictures of my father, wearing a colourful watch. Upon asking whether he still had this watch, he already had it in his hands, telling me about its distinctiveness, for compared to other watches this one does not feature classical watch hands.

The brand Chromachron was founded by Tian Harlan back in the 70s. Time could only be roughly estimated, due to the fact that the brand did not use a minute or second hand. The aim was to revolutionise time, while taking off the pressure. Because of the limited number of watches there are hardly any originals left.

My fascination with the idea of not showing time accurately to the second or even to the minute promoted the idea of a reinterpretation, which is why this brand is named TIAN.

The vision behind TIAN remains unchanged: Slow down your everyday life.

Nowadays we are constantly confronted with time and the classical wristwatch with its function as a time emitter lost its significance. Hence, with its new design approach TIAN sets an example for time.

Each full colour equals one full hour, every line 15 minutes.