"A brother from another mother"

I grew up in a tiny village where there were not many kids of the same age. Luckily there was Sören, who quickly became my best friend. Over the past years our friendship grew and I appreciated each day of it. Every year we spent together, we realised how important it was to stick together, even when life took us on different paths.

In 2019, my best friend Sören, his wife Tini and their new born daughter Ida made their way to Zambia in Africa for a new life changing project. This little family gave up their home comforts to spend the next four years in one of the poorest countries helping people with improving and sustaining cultivation. 

The people in these areas survive from the food they grow on these fields. Furthermore, the Christian organisation they work with also help them with education, spiritual guidance and lots more. Like many others, I am always willing to give money to people in need. Unfortunately, with big organisations, you can’t be too sure where the money really goes. 

To give something back and to say thank you to this amazing friendship, I will be donating 1% of the annual turnover from TIAN to their project. If you are interested and would like to know more about their extraordinary project, please send us an email to "" for further information.